PEW OA Chapter Newsletter - March 2018

Paul E. Wethern Chapter March 2018 Newsletter! 

Elections-​ Time to schedule your yearly OA elections is almost up! Please contact Alex Dabrowski at 763-427-0037 to set up a time before March 15th. Please sign up at Round Table, if you did not turn in your date already. We also need OA election teams to go out and run the elections, you need to be at least ordeal and have some way to play the video. If you would like to sign-up please talk to Alex Dabrowski as well. 

OA Ceremony Team would like to invite interested Scouts to come learn more about ceremonies and to be a part of the team! The Ceremony Team meets on Sundays at approximately 7:00 Christ Lutheran Church in Blaine. Contact Mark Haapoja at and join our facebook page named Paul E. Wethern Crew 16. Join us if you are interested! 

Indian Winter-​ March 9th-11th will be this year’s Indian Winter OA event. This awesome event focuses on beading, leatherworking, making regalia, etc. as well as OA ceremonies and inductions. It will be at Camp Wilderness in Park Rapids. The cost of this event is $35 but please bring extra money for the crafts. Please register on the Lodge page. 

National Leadership Seminar- ​The National Leadership Seminar is closer to home this year. It is at Camp St. Croix in Hudson Wisconsin, March 23-25. Anyone wanting more leadership training should go register and find out more at the price is $225, but the lodge is offering financial assistance. Please contact Gene Kimball for more info! 

Chapter Lock-in-​ There will be a chapter video game lock-in April 13th-14th at Glen Cary church It will cost $15 dollars! Please bring SCOUT APPROPRIATE games. Times and other details TBD. Watch Facebook for more info. 

Section Conclave-​ The annual Section Conclave will be September 7th-9th at Camp wilderness in Park Rapids. 

Please pay your dues! If you want to pay your dues please go to the lodge website they are fifteen dollars for the entire year! 

Join us on Facebook! 


Riley Wenisch, Chapter Chief 

Nick Albee, Executive Vice Chief 

Alex Dabrowski, Membership Vice Chief 

Joseph Bley, Program Vice Chief 

Logan Hockert, Finance Vice Chief 

Brennan Johnson, Communication Vice Chief 

Gene Kimball—; 763 670 8866 

Michael Moen; 612 889 3779

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