2019 - September OA Newsletter

Paul E. Wethern Chapter September 2019 Newsletter!


Chapter Conclave - Join the us from September 27-29th at Camp Ajawah for the annual Chapter Conclave! Ordeal candidates, Brotherhood candidates, and anybody that wants a say in chapter elections should come! We will be having a weekend of service and fun giving the camp some much needed care and maintenance. You can register today at If you are unable to attend this date, you may attend a different chapter’s conclave. Register using the same link. If you need your OA number for registration or have other questions, please contact Jody at [email protected]

OA Bash at the Fall Camporee - OA candidates and members are invited to the OA Bash on Saturday evening. Let’s get together for some food and fun! Spread the word to others in your unit! Time to be announced at the camporee.

Fall Fellowship - From October 25-26 at Maple Grove Middle School is OA Fall Fellowship! Join the chapter overnight for 12 hours of fun and games! There will be board games, dodgeball, some outside events, and much more! Sign up soon and save the date! You will find more info and the registration link at 

Don’t miss the National Order of the Arrow Conference! NOAC 2020 is only 11 months away.  The 2020 conference will be held August 3-8, 2020 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. NOAC is the largest gathering of Arrowmen. During your time at NOAC, you will have the chance to meet over 8,000 other Arrowmen from across the country. You will be able to play dodgeball, capture the flag and numerous other games. You will be staying in the dorm rooms on campus. There are ceremony and dance team competitions. There is an awesome Order of the Arrow Trading Post, and NOAC hosts the second biggest patch trading event (first being the National Jamboree). There are exhibitors with the latest in camping and outdoor equipment and High Adventure trip planning. Check out the Museum of the Order of the Arrow and Scouting History. NOAC not only has lots of fun opportunities, but it's educational too! You will attend classes to improve your leadership skills that you can bring back to your unit and Lodge or learn what it's like to be a Lodge Chief.

Other classes include OATR training, helping the Boys in Blue, Webelos to Scouts BSA crossover, conducting a Vigil Callout ceremony and many more.

The NOAC committee has instituted a 1:1 youth to adult ratio for the 2020 event. At this time, we are registering youth on a first come, first accepted basis. Each youth expressing interest in attending NOAC must make a $100 deposit at the time of registration. For adults, we are also registering on a first come basis. Each adult must also make a $100 deposit. If we do not have the 1:1 adult / youth ratio, we will refund deposits to the last adults registered. However, if you refer a youth to NOAC, you are guaranteed a place in the contingent.

Make sure they put your name down in the “referred by” text box on their registration. The cost to attend the 2020 NOAC is approximately $800. Final costs will be announced February 1st 2020. The cost to attend NOAC includes registration fees, transportation to and from Michigan State University, room, meals, swag (tee shirts, patches etc.) Sign up now to get your youth spot reserved!

OA dues are included in your conclave fees, if you are planning to attend. If you are not able to attend, please go to the Lodge website ( to do so. They are $15 for the entire year!

OA Ceremony Team members meet at 7 pm at the Christ Lutheran Church in Blaine every Sunday of each month. New members are welcome! Please contact the ceremony team adviser, Matt Moen if you have questions or would like to join. He can be reached at [email protected]

Daniel Kimball, Chapter Chief

Isaiah Bley, Executive Vice Chief

Jordan Albee, Membership Vice Chief

Joseph Bley, Program Vice Chief

Raymond H., Communication Vice Chief

Erik Olesen, Finance Vice Chief

And our Co-advisers:

Gene Kimball—[email protected]; 763-670-8866 

Michael Moen - [email protected]; 612-889-3779

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