2019 - October OA Newsletter



Paul E. Wethern Chapter OCTOBER 2019 Newsletter!


Chapter Conclave - Chapter conclave was September 27-29. There were 53 ordeal candidates, 26 brotherhood members, and many other Brotherhood and Vigil member, who gave service as elongamats, cooks, and other various duties. Projects completed for the camp were end of summer maintenance, tree removal, putting down mulch on trails, and building repairs. That same weekend we held elections for new chapter positions. Our new chapter youth positions went to Daniel Kimball-Chapter Chief, Raymond H. -Executive Vice Chief, Micah Vacco-Vice Chief of Programs, Jordan Albee-Vice Chief of Membership, Jace Flansburg-Vice Chief of Finance, and Maren Johnson-Vice Chief of Communications (Hello readers it is nice to meet you!).


Upcoming News  - On October 25th we have the Lodge Fall Fellowship at Maple Grove Middle School. Registration opens at 6:00 pm and it is an overnight event that ends at 8:00 am. It is going to be 80s theme and we will have fun events throughout the night, such as swimming, movies, card games, board games, trading post, patch trading, and crafts (extra $5.00 per craft). There will also be pizza and other snacks (cost $20.00 per person). Go to the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge web site to register:’t wait to see you all there! Also coming up, if you are a Vigil member, there is the Vigil member fellowship dinner at Camp Ajawah on October 26th. On November 14th we have a Round Table meeting that starts at 7:00 pm at Lord of Life Church in Ramsey By: Maren Johnson, your new Vice Chief of Communication!


Paul E. Wethern OA Chapter – Upcoming Events 2019-2020

9/27-9/29/19 – Chapter Conclave, Camp Ajawah

10/10/19 – Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM

10/19/19 – Order of the Arrow Thrive Webinar – Base Camp – 12 PM – 4 PM – Chapter Leaders

10/25-10/26 – Lodge Fall Fellowship – Maple Grove Middle School 10/26/ 19 – Chapter Vigil Member Fellowship Dinner– Camp Ajawah 11/14/19 – Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM November – Turn in Election Date and unit contact info at Recharter
12/6 /19 – 12/7/2019 – OA Lodge Leadership Development – Base Camp 12/12/19 - Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM
1/9/20 - Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM

2/2020 --Fort Snelling Wreath clean-up (Most likely 2/1/20, but possibly 2/8/20) 2/8/20 – OA Lodge Winter Banquet – 5 PM – North Star Ballroom, St. Paul 2/13/20 - Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM
2/27/20 –Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, SPL, Crew President Dinner Unit Elections (January – end of March)
3/12/20 - Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM 4/9/20 - Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM Spring – call-outs – Date TBD
Spring – Work party – Date TBD

5/14/20 - Chapter Meeting at Lord of Life Church – 7 PM

8/2/20 – 8/8/20 – NOAC – National Order of the Arrow Conference. Michigan State University

8/27/20 – PEW Crew -- Chapter Fundraiser at the State Fair. 5-10 PM. Free ticket for volunteers. Friends and family are welcome to volunteer.

10/2 – 10/4/2020 – Section Conclave – Our Lodge is hosting. Please plan to attend/ volunteer.

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