Eagle Scout Poem

A fond mother watches her boy where he stands
Apart from his comrades tonight
As they place on his camp-battered tunic badge
An Eagle, an emblem of Right.

It seams just a few short months have passed
Since he joined with the youngster next door.
How proud he was then of his Tenderfoot pin
As he told her the message it bore.

But the years have gone as he struggled along
To learn what the Scout Law's about:
He practiced them daily, the Oath and the Law, 
Until now he's an Eagle Scout.

You may smile in your worldly wisdom at that
And say, "My, it's only a pin-"
But I tell you no honors he'll gain as a man
Will mean just as much to him.

The Red, White, and Blue of the ribbon you see
Are the symbols of honor and truth.
He has learned the value of these fine attributes
in the glorious days of youth.

And the ouflinging wings of the Eagle
That rest on the breast of this Knight of Today
Are the things which will lift him above
Petty deeds and guide him along the right way. 

Yes, it's only a pin, just an Eagle Scout Badge
But the heart that's beneath it beats true
And will throb to last for the things which are good,
A lesson for me and for you.

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