An Eagle Scout's Prayer

Now that I'm an Eagle Scout
And look back down the trail I've trod
I can see what Scouting is all about

And I offer this humble prayer to God.

I know now the Eagle badge isn't the end
Its silver ray's light a new height to ascend
I know I could never have gotten this far

Without help from others who served as my star.

So thank you Lord, for my chance to be
A patriot proud in the land of the free
Thank you for homes and churches and schools

Thank you for parents and teachers and rules.

Thank you for leaders who understand
Who always stand ready to give me their hand
Let me share with all people my gifts as they grow

For I must try to repay the great debt that I owe.

Let me treat everyone as my sister and brother
And reward each good turn by doing another
Make me fight the good battles though weary and scared

Let me meet every crisis by being prepared.

Give me the will to do my best
To do my duty and pass life´s test
Grant me the wisdom, honor and courage to do

The things that are always pleasing to you.

Remind me if ever I start to stray 
That other Eagles´ in khaki have paved my way
Their ghosts are watching and waiting to see

That I'll live up to all that's expected of me.

If I should falter and fall toward the ground
Stretch forth your arm so I won't let them down
Write your purpose upon my willing heart
With a finger that's tipped in fire 

I have all ready gotten a good head start.

Help me to climb even higher
I promise to strive for a worthy goal
That I know to be solid and right

Lift up my wings and nourish my soul
As I dare the Eagle's flight.

Chart me a course that's straight and true
With the Scout Oath and Law as my guide
Teach my mind and body and Man what to do

So you can smile down upon me with pride.

Keep me as sharp as the edge of a whittling knife
To cut through the darkness and doubt
Let me never forget as I soar through life

That I am an Eagle Scout.

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